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03 May 2018


Michael Thummerer


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 02 Mar 2012

There is a number of reasons why data should be backed up. You may need to edit some files and risk damaging them or you may have some important information and losing it would mean the end of your business. Regardless of what data you have, if you don't want to lose it, you should always keep a backup. AllSync will do this for you and due to its folder synchronization and scheduling features, you can focus on your work and let the program back it up automatically.

There are three versions available for purchase (home, professional and business), but you can also download a trial version, if you want to see how it works. The setup file is less than 5 Mb large, so it should not take long to download, unless your Internet connection is very slow. AllSynch is not too demanding when it comes to system requirements and it can run smoothly on any operating system, from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Backing up your files requires creating profiles. After hitting the New button on the toolbar, a settings window will show up, where you can adjust any aspect of the profile. There is a vast array of rules and automatic actions you can set. They are all placed in separate categories which can be accessed from a tree structure on the left side of the settings window. The most important ones include selecting a copy mode (1:1 copy, update, sync and others) and specifying a source folder and a destination one. You can also find additional options for the backup, options for setting up an automated action, should there be a synchronization conflict, and more.

The new profile will be displayed in a tree structure on the left side of the main window. You can create as many profiles as you want and manage them in different folders in the tree structure. Some of the options in the top menus can also be found on the toolbar and the rest of them are neatly organized in separate columns on the main area of the interface. The created profiles can be executed or further adjusted with the options found in the Profiles column. If you are not certain that you created a profile correctly, you can preview its effects before anything else. First, you need to select the profile in the tree structure and then click the Create Copy Preview option on the main area of the interface. The program will then simulate the process and it will display how the source and destination folders will look after launching the profile. The folders will be displayed, side by side, in two separate tree structures, which will replace the columns view on the main area of the interface. An additional toolbar will be displayed above this report and you can click on one of its buttons to launch the previewed process. If you are certain that you created a profile correctly, you can skip the preview. Just select the process and click the Start Copying option in the columns view mode.

The software also provides a quicker way to back up or synchronize your folders. The QuickSync button on the main toolbar will display a few straightforward options on the interface. These are the essential options which can also be found when creating a new profile. You just have to select a copy mode from a drop menu (1:1, update, sync and so on) and specify the source and destination folders. The profile settings window can still be accessed if you click the Properties button, beneath these options, and you can also save these settings as a new profile with the Save As button. After making your settings, the process can not be launched straight away. You will have to preview it first by clicking the designated button, next to the Properties one. The next stages will be the same as previewing a profile. The folders will be shown side by side, after which you can start the actual process.

There are more features to be found with AllSync. Scheduling any of the profiles will allow you to focus only on your work. When you add new data to a folder, the backup one will be updated automatically. Unfortunately, some of the features are not available in the trial version and others are only available in the Professional or higher edition.


AllSync lets you quickly back up folders with data or by creating profiles which can be launched at a later date or scheduled. When customizing a profile, the software offers great flexibility due to the many rules and settings you can find.


None that I could think of. AllSync offers any features you need in order to back up your folders and keep them synchronized with the originals. Due to its easy to understand functions, advanced knowledge is not a requirement when using the software.



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